Dances of India, Dancer with Blessing Logo Featured Performance:

16th Annual St. Louis Dance Festival---Embracing Ballet, Hip-hop, contemporary, Middle Eastern, Indian, and more, this Showcase makes the case that Dance is Alive & Kicking in St. Louis!

May 8th & 9th, 2015, Wash U's Edison Theatre


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Your information was interesting and educational. Your including so many of our students in your presentation was most kind and generous. Both the participants and the audience enjoyed every moment thoroughly.

Pat Rossi
Rossman School,
Social Studies Teacher


The students, faculty and staff really enjoyed the presentation. The performance was not only entertaining, but also highly educational. It was wonderful how you explained each dance and what it means.

Lori Hunt
Aesthetic Education Coordinator,
Nerinx Hall High School

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See it in action:

To learn more about Indian dance, watch our video.

And to see an 8-minute documentary on Dances of India produced by HEC-TV, please click on: 


Dances of India is in the last 8 minutes or so.

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